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I was born in Indiana and spent the earlier years of my childhood there. My Mom remarried when I was in 4th grade, and my family and I moved to Michigan. At that time, I had 3 older brothers (Bob, Dave and Jeff). Soon thereafter, my baby sister (Tina) arrived. My brothers, sister and I had a great time growing up in the country where we found lots of mischief to get into!

I was quite active in high school and spent some time as a member of the Softball Team, Volleyball Team, Band Member, and Cheerleading Squad. I seemed to have mastered the clarinet and took 1st place in the Michigan State Competitions four years running. Marching season was alot of fun for me (and yes, I went to band camp..lol). I was in the Flag Core for 6 years. Our Marching Band was awesome. We took 1st place every year along with the Color Guard (flag twirlers). My favorite activity was cheerleading. I was a 4 year cheerleader (and Captain) for Basketball and Football.. and it certainly was one of the greatest highlights of high school for me.

I graduated high school in 1989 and went on to Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. After college, I moved to Detroit so I could teach Pre-kindergarten. I've worked with kids all of my life (since I was 8) and find it quite rewarding. It has always been a dream of mine to open a learning center for children.

In my spare time, I started to work out so I could stay tone and physically fit. With my busy schedule at the time, I tried to squeeze 3 days in a week. As much as I ate then (and still do), I should have been in the gym every day!!!!

It was then that a friend told me to enter the Venus Swimwear Contest at a local night club. I won the 1st round of competition and was therefore invited to the finals. After winning the Michigan State Finals, I went to the international Finals in Florida (I guess my workouts were paying off!!!). Showing some obvious strengths at the Finals (I will be modest), I was offered many promising contracts there. This is where I started to get introduced to the whole modeling world. It is there that I met David, a Playboy photographer, who offered me an opportunity to try out for Playboy.

About a month later, I flew to Los Angeles to test for Playboy. I was so nervous! I didn't know what to expect. Remember, I was a small town girl from Michigan! After David took the test pictures into Playboy Studios, they called me just 2 days later and asked me if I could schedule a photo shoot with them the following week. I was so excited! A couple of weeks later, I got the unexpected news that I was going to be Miss December 1997 (it all happened very fast). I honestly didn't think that I was going to be accepted considering that Playboy has tens of thousands of girls apply every year.

Of course, things got even better. After more than doubling all the other 1997 Playmates votes (through Playboy TV, Playboy Online and through Fan Call-ins), I won Playmate of the Year. Now this, I really didn't expect! Being picked to be the 1998 PMOY was a huge honor...I spent a year jetting around representing Playboy at all kinds of charity events, shows, parties and benefits as PMOY. What a year!!!!

In November of 2001, I was selected the #2 Playmate of the 90's by the Playboy readers (Reader's Choice - Special Edition)...only to be squeezed-out by Pam Anderson.  I continue to support Playboy and have represented them as a spokesperson at several special events.

With my notoriety from Playboy and my ability to look good and stay fit, I have been given the opportunity to experience a lot of other work as well; modeling for Muscle and Fitness, 1st women on the cover of Men's Fitness Magazine, many covers for Iron Man Magazine (as well as 10 page Hard Body spreads), many other magazine cover's, national liquor campaigns, beer ads, L&M National Cig Ads, catalogs, calendars, posters, etc, etc, etc. In addition, I wanted to try my luck in commercials and acting as well. I've done a few commercials, talk shows, game shows, and movies. I've also hosted numerous times for E! Wild On, Show Times Red Carpet and VIP Access, infomercials and hosted the World Series Poker-Poker Tips.

I really enjoy my work and  I love to be  in front of the camera (have you figured that one out yet...lol). When I am not working, I love hitting the gym, sitting at home listening to music, eating and spending time with friends and watching my sisters beautiful children. I still like getting in my car and taking a drive...because you know I love speed!  : ) 

I've also started a company with  anti-aging specialist  (Jeff Rose C.C.V.T.).  It's called Pharmore Alternatives.   We have natural, condition specific products that show  measurable results.  The website is www.pharmorealternatives.com     Guaranteed to make u feel great....sleep, mood, energy, memory, better skin and body in weeks.  I have just signed a deal with www.naturesuphoria.com to be a partner and spokesperson for the company.  Great stuff!! 

Finally (if you have made it this far!), THANK YOU all of my fans and friends!!!! Without you, this site would not be possible! Much love back to you!!!! God Bless!!!!