How to Shine All Summer

By May 15, 2017Articles

Model and fitness personality Karen McDougal teamed up with cutting-edge experts to get the scoop on the latest products and procedures!

Freeze the Frown: Botox is great, but many people become “immune” to it after years of treatment, Fortunately, you may not have that problem with Xeomin, the newest injectible that’s great for getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles a la Botox — and it will run you about $100 less!

Spiff Up Your Smile: Adios, trout pout! While fillers of yesteryear often appeared fake, new kid on the block Volbella creates lush and natural-looking lips with less swelling, says Dr. David Shafer. But don’t stop there: Light up your grin with Zoom laser teeth whitening, now updated so it’s A-OK for those with sensitive chompers. “Switching from halogen to LED lights generates less heat and less potential pain,” explains NYC dentist Dr. Timothy Chase. “And there’s now a relief gel to keep the ‘zings’ away.”

Lift Sagging Skin: I swear by Ultherapy, the only FDA-approved nonsurgical procedure for lifting the lower face and ditching the dreaded “jowls” that can make you look so much older. “There’s no downtime and minimal discomfort,” shares plastic surgeon Dr. Shafer. “It’s far less invasive than a face-lift.”

Resurface Your Face: Dr. Kenneth Mark is my go-to when I need a refresh, and his Exfoliating & Hydrating Mask ($85, Opens a New Window. ) helps lighten, firm and reduce wrinkles, as well as promote cell turnover. Amore Pacific’s Enzyme Peel ($60, Opens a New Window. ) is another must-have and gentle enough to use every day!

Look Good After Lasers: I love a good chemical peel or laser treatment, but hiding indoors for days after isn’t an option! Oxygenetix makeup uses aloe and minerals to not only cover redness but soothe raw skin as well. A good hydrator is Glenn Avenue Soap Company’s Healing Blend Body Butter ($14, Opens a New Window. ), made with all organic ingredients. And remember, the sun isn’t your friend! EltaMD’s new UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 sunscreen (visit Opens a New Window. for purchase info) not only fights rays, it combats acne and discoloration!