Tips on how to be the best party guest

By December 4, 2017Articles

Star teams up with model & lifestyle expert Karen McDougal for hot tips on how to be the party guest hosts will love the most!

“No matter how casual a get-together, a host has worked hard to prepare, so always RSVP and arrive on time for a sit- down dinner, 15 to 20 minutes later for all other soirees,” advises Karen, adding that you don’t need to bring a casserole to show your appreciation. “Avoid things that need to be heated up or put in a vase — the host has enough to do,” she says. “Opt for a nice wine, candle, or quality chocolates. I also love fancy olive oil — just toss it in a cute gift bag and go!”
Dress dilemma? “An LBD with heels is always right!” says Karen.. Party-going, Perfected! From what to wear to what to bring, Karen has the answers!